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SIZE: 10.9" x 11.25"

The Italian master Giotto maintains several iconographic elements of the Nativity scene while simultaneously showing a subtle story of the Magi's adoration of the Christ child. In Eastern iconography of the Nativity, one will often see the Virgin Mary reclining on a red pillow with a look of concern at St. Joseph. Christ's manger looks silmilar to a coffin along with the swaddling linens alluding to the burial shrouds he will one day be wrapped in. Yet in this Western depiction, one of the kings is holding him up out of the manger, again a foretelling of the Resurrection of Christ.

The plaque mounted image makes for a unique gift, treasured for years to come due to its quality UV protection matte finish and washable surface. The wood plaque measures 3/8" thick with beveled and finished edges.

Adoration of the Magi Plaque-mount - Giotto

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