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4.5" x 6.0" Greeting Card


Blank Inside


Front Watercolor Image: St. Teresa of Calcutta


St. Teresa of Calcutta, esteemed around the world for her intense, compassionate care of the abandoned, poor, and dying, inspired thousands to do the same through her religious order, the Missionaries of Charity.  Her first home for the dying in Calcutta blossomed internationally into orphanages, homes for aids/HIV victims, for lepers, for the elderly, and for the disabled, as well as aid centers for refugees and victims of war and natural disasters.  Not merely a paragon of charitable action, St. Teresa lived an ascetic life of deep prayer, the well from which she ultimately drew.  In every chapel of the Missionaries of Charity one finds the words "I thirst" beside the crucifix.  Those words inspired her consummate vocation "to quench the thirst of Jesus for souls, for love, for kindness, for compassion, for delicate love."


Teresa of Calcutta

SKU: BL008
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