SIZE: 10.8" x 13.8"

This is a reproduction of the middle panel of the Gerald David triptych, The Nativity with Donors and Saints Jerome and Leonard (ca. 1510-15) currently at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  From their online gallery commentary:  "David focuses attention on the mystery of the Incarnation—that is, Christ's birth and sacrifice for the redemption of humankind. Despite the joyful moment depicted, the figures all wear somber expressions, foreshadowing Christ’s eventual suffering and death. The sheaf of grain parallel to the manger refers to John 6:41: 'I am the bread which came down from Heaven.'"

 The plaque mounted image makes for a unique gift, treasured for years to come due to its quality UV protection matte finish and washable surface.  The wood plaque measures 3/8" thick with beveled and finished edges.

The Nativity