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STANDARD SIZE:  10.9" x 11.0"
OPTIONAL LARGE SIZE:  23.0" x 23.25"


This reproduction features Duccio's Nativity illustration.  It was originally the center panel of his triptych with the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel flanking on both sides.  Part of the mastery of this piece is the illusion of depth.  The cast of characters and the sheltering cave seem to wrap around this newborn King.  All these Nativity elements invite the viewer to meditate on the great mystery of the Incarnation, God become man.

The plaque mounted image makes for a unique gift, treasured for years to come due to its quality UV protection matte finish and washable surface. The wood plaque measures 3/8" thick with beveled and finished edges.

The Nativity Plaque-Mount - Duccio di Buoninsegna

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